Our VapeSalt range consists of 20mg Nicotine Salt based E-Liquids.

Our VapeSalt range consists of 20mg Nicotine Salt based E-Liquids that are specifically designed for only for those with their own MTL or pod devices! Ideal for new vapers or ex-smokers who are struggling with nicotine cravings.

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VapeSalt is a nicotine salt range created by VapeMail. 10 fabulous flavours mixed in our ISO clean room with 20mg of nicotine to give you the smoothest nicotine hit from your pod device.
Nicotine salt allows you to vape higher nicotine strength liquids without the harshness so you don’t experience the rough sensation on your throat that you sometimes get with other high nicotine E-Liquids. Nicotine salt based E-Liquids, like VapeSalt, also deliver nicotine to the body more efficiently making them ideal for those looking to quit!

For the best taste and smoothest vape experience, we recommend that VapeSalt should only be consumed using a MTL or pod device.
The individual bottles you receive will be picked at random, however you can pick a prefered flavour profile from these options: Desserts, Fruits, Mixed or Mixed XL.

One of the main reasons to subscribe is so we can surprise you with new and interesting flavours every month that you would not normally buy!
With our VapeSalts range we have favoured quality over quantity, so it is highly likely that you will receive the same flavour more than once.

However, this may change as we add more flavours to the VapeSalt range.
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