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As promised in our recent facebook posts. We are back and better than ever to keep things as simple as possible. We asked Vaping with Vic to make us a video explaining the changes to VapeMail!

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Why is VapeMail Relaunching?

Various reasons –  We have wrote a long drawn out version here. (for those of you that are really interested). In short, the vaping industry has changed considerably since we launched in 2015, and we felt the time was right for us to evolve with it.

I am an existing VapeMail customer do I have to sign up again?

No, you don’t have to do anything. Your existing login details will still work. You should have received an email with your new price and package details. You will be billed at that price on the 1st of April.

I have previously cancelled my VapeMail subscription, but would like to sign up again?

All you have to do is log in and go through checkout with the package you want selected and follow the sign up instructions on page. You don’t have to make a new account!

I am existing VapeMail subscriber, What happens to my existing subscription?

As a thank you for the loyalty and support shown to us, All existing VapeMail members will be getting a discount on our new packages.  The discount amount will vary between members, full details of that can be found here.

What happens to my subscription if I was on a 6mg package before #RELAUNCH?

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer a choice of nicotine strength. We have worked with our vendors to try to make this possible, but it would severely limit the variety we could offer as the vast majority of shortfills only cater to the 0mg/3mg market. Unfortunately it’s just not a viable option.

If you are comfortable with it, adding 2.5ml of 72mg nic as well as our nicotine shot, would bring any of bottles sent to you by us up to 6mg.

Are you now doing hardware subscriptions as well?

Yes, Soon.

Do you still ship worldwide?

Yes! However please keep in mind we are not responsible for any customs fees you may incur.

Are Top Ups still a thing?

Yes and no. Top Ups are still a thing, However they are completely different from how they have been previously.  Top ups will now work as follows – If you wish to get some more E-Liquid through the month, you will have the option to top up by 2 or 4 bottles. This will be at a discount based on subscription level.  The top ups page has a comments box, which allows you to request an E-Liquid you have received previously from us, and we will send it to you if possible, however we do not guarantee these requests, Hence the very low price.

Will everyone get the same flavours as each other for the month as in previous VapeMail packages?

This is a tricky one to answer – Sometimes you will obviously get the same flavours as other members depending on package level, However there will be a bigger variety than we have had previously and we will no longer be going with the ridgid “These are the set flavours this month that everyone will get” approach we have used in the past.  

Can I now select the flavour type/brands of E-Liquids I want?

No! This is not something we will ever do.  We believe very much in the element of surprise and one of the main reasons to subscribe as far as we are concerned is to try new E-Liquids that you might not usually!

However, we will never send out Coffee, Tobacco or Menthol flavours, as based on our 3 years of running an E-Liquid subscription, they are things that a lot of people dislike.

What if I was subscribed to Platinum XL previously?

Platinum XL members will be moved to Platinum with an existing subscriber discount of course!

How do the scratchcards work?

Full details on scratch cards are available here.

What are the Coil Gods coils included in VapeMail Platinum packages?

Coil Gods coils are Handcrafted Premium Coils Built out of the finest NI80 wire.

We strive to ensure that our coils are at the highest standard.
We recommend to get the best quality of our coils is to pulse before wicking at 30w.” –


What is the new Refer a Friend system?

For each friend you refer to VapeMail, you will receive your choice of either £5 cash or a 50ml bottle of E-Liquid! Full details on that will be available soon!