As promised! VapeMail Mystery Boxes are here!

We obviously cant tell you too much as to whats in them as that would ruin the mystery part but we can tell you what isn’t included 🙂

Our Mystery Boxes will not contain any Clones, Starter kits or Stock Coil tanks!

We don’t want to give away too much but a little more detail is available by clicking each package!

Mystery Boxes are a one off purchase with no subscription or commitment!

10% Discount for VapeMail subscribers!

The Brands you will find in our mystery box!

The Hardware Brands you will find in our mystery box!


What is a VapeMail mystery box?

A mystery box is a box full of randomly selected Vape items!

What kind of hardware will I get in my mystery box?

See the brands above 🙂 We also guarantee no stock coil tanks in our mystery boxes!

How much is delivery?

Free within the UK, £.7.50 for Europe and £12.50 for the rest of the world!

Am I signing up to a subscription?

No! Mystery Boxes are a one off purchase, for our subscriptions, please click here

What are the “Other items” you mention?

Vape related things! Including but not limited to Cotton, Coils, Wire, Batteries, Battery Wraps, Coily Tools and other general vape accessories!