As requested – Hardware subscriptions are now available!

Our sign up process for our hardware subscriptions is simple – You will be billed at checkout and sent your VapeMail within 48 hours after that, on the 5th of each month you will be billed again and you will receive your Hardware subscription around the 7th/8th!


When will I be billed?

We wanted to keep this as simple as possible – No matter what date you sign up, you will be billed on the 5th of the following month!

Can I choose which brand RDA I want?

No! As with everything else, as far as we are concerned the element of surprise and someone else making the decision for you is one of the main reasons to subscribe to VapeMail.

If you already know what you want then head to the hardware section 🙂

What is a cotton mini pack?

A Cotton Mini pack is a pack of cotton with a few strips of cotton in about enough to last you the month!

I already have an existing VapeMail subscription, can I add hardware to my existing package?

Unfortunately not with the way PayPal works with subscriptions, if you wish to cancel your current package to upgrade to a hardware package, we can do this please contact us here.

However the Jester package was designed with existing subscribers in mind. Existing VapeMail members get 10% off the Jester package, so if you are already signed up, you will get your existing VapeMail package as usual, then your hardware subscription will arrive a couple of days later!

What is MaxVG?

Max VG is an E-Liquid range by VapeMail,  You can check out the MaxVG range here!

Which brand RDA will I get?

For now our hardware brands are – Vandy Vape, Geek Vape, Digi flavour and Augvape, We plan on adding more in the near future!

Are all of the RDAs you send out authentic?

100%, they will all come with some kind of verification that can be checked on the manufacturer’s website!

Which brand cotton are included with VapeMail?

Jellyfish, Kendo, Cotton Bacon, Texas Tuff, Datt White Stuff, and probably many more in the future!

What are Coil Gods coils?

Coil Gods coils are Handcrafted Premium Coils Built out of the finest NI80 wire.

We strive to ensure that our coils are at the highest standard.
We recommend to get the best quality of our coils is to pulse before wicking at 30w.” –