will be closing on the 27th of May
We started out 7 years ago (time files!) as a small team that had just discovered vaping and wanted to try out as many new flavours as possible – Turns out lots of you did too! 
A combination of things changing since then in terms of our personal commitments and other projects not allowing us to spend as much time on VapeMail as it deserves, coupled with the constant hoops payment processors expect a vape company to jump through, we have made the decision to close.  
Thank you to all of the vendors that have worked with us, the influencers/reviewers that have helped promote our products and most importantly our customers.     
As a parting gift, all of our existing subscribers will receive an extra shortfill and a free RDA in their May subscription.  
We’re also selling off our remaining stock from as little as £2.50 per shortfill, check out our homepage for that if you want to stock up on E-Liquid.   
We hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did! 
– The VapeMail team

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